Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Family Camp Getaway

  1. Just got back from a week long family camp and conference. We borrowed an RV, packed it up, and went on our way last monday and returned sunday night. We all needed a change of scenery. It was great fun for our children and provided much needed encouragement for us
    We will continue moving forward but never forgetting the sweet little life of Caroline that touched us forever. Things are getting easier with each day but we all still have moments of grief that catch us off guard. Thankfully the Lord provides much needed comfort through loving hugs and words from others! 
     I am still amazed at all of the support and love you all gave during Caroline's life. It is overwhelming to think how God used you all in such a powerful way. We could never express how thankful and touched we are by your kindness!!!
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  2. I have thought of you guys so many times in the last several weeks. Still praying for you guys.
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  3. Your family has been on my heart today. Praying for you, Ken, and your sweet children. Love you all!

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