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Welcome to A Joyful Heart For Home!  My name is Gabrielle and I am so glad you have stopped by my blog.  Please read below to meet me and my family.  Subscribe (to the right) if you'd like to read more!

Who I am:
PreviewChild of God, Devoted Wife, Homeschooling Mama to 6 blessings so far, & Joyful Homemaker! This blog is a place to not only keep every one up to date on our family, but also it is my ministry to those who want to listen.  I love sharing things I have learned and what the Lord is doing in my heart.  Not everyone will agree with what I do or say, that's ok.  These are things the Lord has for my family, although He may use something here to challenge or change your heart. I pray that you are blessed and encouraged with what you find in this blog, all to the Glory of the Lord!

What I do:
 Natural is a word that describes me well.  Some things that I currently do or have done:  natural childbirth at home, homeschooling, homesteading, essential oils, herbs and homeopathics, cloth diapers, gardening (canning and preserving too), and making soap.  I love...reading to learn new things, change, organizing, listening to worship music, getting in my bed at the end of the day, baby wearing, gardening, sewing, crafting, researching my interests, nursing my babies and toddlers, hearing my children laugh, and skiing with my hubbie.  In a nutshell, I aim to live SIMPLY, in as many ways as possible.

My Family:
We are an unaverage American family living on 17.5 acres in Texas with our 6+ (Lord willing) homeschooled children and a handful of farm animals and pets.

I am thankful to be married to my husband and best friend for over 13 years now.  Kenneth is a self-employed wastewater contractor and an amazing "jack-of-all-trades."  He owns and runs his own business, Axis Enterprises.  We go through times of the year that we are blessed to have daddy around a lot (during the winter and rainy days) and times when he works very long days when we don't see him as much (summer).  We love that fact that as our boys are getting older, they are able to go out and work with their daddy in their non-school time.  I am so thankful and blessed to have such a hard working, fun husband and terrific father.  It is amazing to me to be able to walk by my hubbie's side and watch a beautiful transformation that the Lord is performing in his heart as He teaches him to become a more godly shepherd and leader to our family.

Our children are Cody-12, Owen-10, Claire-7, Kate-5, Nathan-3, and Caroline- who went to be with Jesus at 3 months. They are all wonderful children with their own sets of strengths and weaknesses, as we all have.  We are so privilegded to take their hands and walk them through this stage of their lives as children, and seek the Lord's wisdom as we go.  

We live in a small, but terrific, 1200 square foot house, that sits on 2.5 acres, that my husband built before we got married.  Originally intended to be for two college students, it now houses all 7 of us in its 2 bedrooms and 2 baths.  Thankfully, i love to organize and rearrange so, while it is small, I love the challenge of making it all work and fit.  We do have several places around our property to store items we are not using, which really helps with overflow!  In 2012, we were blessed to be able to purchase the 14.77 acres next to ours.  This has provided lots of space to be out doors even more.

As for homeschooling, we currently use SOS (Switched on Schoolhouse) for our children 3rd  grade and above.  While my teaching style leans more towards Charlotte Mason, the reality is that i just can not get everyone schooled in a timely manor without getting overwhelmed.  SOS has allowed me to focus what time i have available to teaching my younger children how to read and write, while the older children are working independently on SOS.  I do still use Simply Charlotte Mason's history program, but it is more of a supplement to everything else and only done when we have time, as well as many read alouds, character training books, and bible studying that we do as family.

Please know that we are not perfect, nor claim to be, and we and our children have many faults, just like everyone else.  That is why we need a savior (Jesus Christ) and why we have to choose daily to strive to live according to His purpose and His will for our lives, although we fall short most of the time.  The christian life is an ever-changing and growing process.  There will never be a time or place when we  have finished, arrived, or reached the peak (unless we die), so I pray that through this blog, you will see the real-life family that we are.  As christians, parents, spouses, and friends, we are taking one day at a time and living under the Lord's grace.  May you be blessed as you read and learn more about "our road."


  1. Gabi - it was so nice to meet you and your precious family tonight. It's always encouraging to meet a kindred spirit...may you be blessed and may our paths cross again one day...it seems we have much in commmon including the love for skiing :) we go in 2 weeks with our oldest 2 girls (it will be their first time) where do you guys go?

    talk soon
    Gina Hester

    1. Hi Gina-I am so glad you left a comment as i realized that we did not get your info! We very much enjoyed meeting ya'll too last night and wanted you to know that it really blessed us. Maybe next year, if your hubbie (was it Justin, Kevin??) comes back to Waco, we can meet up with all of the kiddos and do some fun stuff (zoo, Mayborn Museum, etc.) If not, we'll keep in touch! Are you going to the Above Rubies retreat this year (if there is one??)?
      As for skiing-we went to Red River, NM and loved it. A very small, quaint little town that is very simple and down to earth and affordable. Our kids loved skiing and look forward to going again in a couple of years, Lord willing!


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