Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Caroline ~ 5 Weeks

from fb February 4th

 Caroline is 5 weeks old! We celebrated with a yummy cookie cake thanks to the Ely family (@ Gina Ely). Kenneth said that Nathan really does think Caroline is a miracle baby bc since she arrived he gets to have cake every weekend!!! What fun for a 2 year old!
I had a nice long update typed up that somehow got erased so here's a quick version.
This past week was good. No major problems. Still no fluid in the lungs~yay! She's definitely has a clock set for eating time and loves to drink from her bottle. In fact, if we think she's done with the bottle and start to tube feed her, and she wakes up, she gets pretty upset (with her tiny little cry). We are so happy that she is showing such an interest in sucking bc this is something trisomy babies don't always do. She really is doing so much better than the doctors led us to believe she would do!
Thanks again for all the prayers and encouragement! We are so thankful for all you've all done!

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