Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Caroline ~ 6 Weeks

from fb February 12th

 Caroline is 6 weeks!
Caroline weighs 6.15lbs now and is finally wearing newborn diapers! She's almost the size of our smallest baby at 7.3lbs.
A visit to the pediatrician revealed that although she still has no fluid in her lungs her kidneys and liver are enlarged. I believe he said this was from the shunting of blood from her heart is now affecting other organs. Her heart rate and breathing rate have both slowed considerably but I didn't get a straight answer to whether this was a good sign (which it sounds like) or a sign that everything is slowing down :-(
Caroline is having lots of tummy issues which includes lots of crying, esp at night. Lack of sleep for both Kenneth and I is taking its toll. In addition we have a cough/cold going through our other children. We are trying so hard to keep ourselves and Caroline well.
Please continue to pray for our sweet baby. We know the Lord is guiding this path. The road is getting harder and harder on all of us, but we still have hope and faith whatever the outcome. We are so blessed to still have lots of help in the way of meals and house and child care helpers. I can't say enough how grateful we are for everyone's support!!!
Again, feel free to forward and know that even though we can't always respond to fb, texts or phone calls we get them all and cherish every sweet word you all share. Your encouragement keeps us going just when we need it! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!

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