Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Caroline ~ 4 Weeks

from fb January 28th

Sweet Caroline is 4weeks old~1month! She has already hit her 1st big milestone by making it this far. 50% of babies with trisomy do not survive past the 1st month. She is proving to be strong!
We celebrated her birthday with a cupcake that had 4 candles for 4 weeks but it also had a 1st birthday candle on it for 1 month. We have used these yearly birthday candles for all of our children (ages 1-11). By celebrating her months, she will also get to use these candles.
Healthchecks were good this week. Still no fluid in her lungs-PTL! Breathing is still rapid but not worse. She is growing and trying to open her eyes more.
The main issues she has right now are thrush/yeast in her mouth and diaper area and tummy problems. We went from treating a mild case of thrush and constipation to a big thrush problem and a very gassy upset baby. The tummy problems are interfering with her feeding as she is crying a lot and not able to eat or breath at the same time. Please pray for these problems to be resolved quickly!
This baby has no shortage of love or arms to hold her. She is so precious and beautiful to us. Although we don't understand why this happened to her we know the Lords ways are good. He has directed every step so far and we will continue to follow wherever He leads. He gives us the grace and strength we need second by second, minute by minute to go through this. Without God we would be overwhelmed. It is not easy and it hurts so much sometimes but I know there is a purpose in all of this. Caroline is a gift from God (Psalms 127) and we will praise Him for her daily as we continue to give her all of our selves, our hearts and our love.
I can't express enough how much we appreciate everything you all are doing for us from praying to cards, meals, gifts, groceries, cleaning, playing with our other children, encouraging us, etc. You all act as hands and feet for the Lord. Thank you so much!!!
Feel free to forward or re-post these updates for us ;-)

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