Friday, April 13, 2012

Simply Charlotte Mason's Revised Module 6 is Available!

Three New Modern History Books

I have been waiting for this email to arrive and it finally has!  Simply Charlotte Mason has just released their updated version of Module 6-Modern Times, Epistles, & Revelations.  As we are wrapping up Module 5-Early Modern Times in the next month or two, I have been eagerly waiting for this revised edition to come out; not only because we love it but because whenever a new product is introduced, the price is discounted for a short time.  So if you are thinking about teaching the time period of 1850 to the present, grab this curriculum while it is on sale!

Module 6 follows the same format for Module 5 with American History two days a week, World History 2 days a week, and Bible/Geography one day a week.  The two history books that are needed also follow the Module 5 books with Stories of America vol. 2 ($15.95 - $13.95 until April 26th) and Stories of the Nations vol. 2 ($15.95 -$13.95 until April 26th).  My children absolutely love these books!  As soon as i open one and begin reading, their attention is captured.  Written in a very engaging and thought provoking format, your children, and you, will not forget the stories that are told.  Also, the Modern Times handbook for teachers is a very simple to follow guidebook.  You won't feel overwhelmed by too much information and the price can't be beat at $15.95 ($13.95 until April 26th) for a whole year's worth of lesson plans.

I encourage you to take a look at Simply Charlotte Mason's websiteIt is the most comprehensive web site i have found and i love that they have so much for free on the site, and yes, their curriculum is Christian and Bible-based.  They really want to help you learn about the Charlotte Mason method and help getting started easy.  The Basics, Getting Started, and Timesavers menus on the left side are full of tons of great information, planning materials, and great ideas! 

On a side note, I want to make known that my children 3rd grade and older do SOS (Switched on Schoolhouse) which is a computer based, Christian, homeschool program.  They do all 5 basic subjects: Bible, History, Science, Math, and Language Arts.  All of their school bases are covered by this program.  However, I love the Charlotte Mason method of teaching and Simply Charlotte Mason's products so much, that I choose to do this in addition to SOS.  Our emphasis each school day is to get bible study, SOS, and phonics (for my younger ones) done first, with SCM being done when time permits.  But like I said, my children love these history books and ask for them to be read to them.  I feel that this way, we get a good balance of text-book learning and living-book learning in our homeschool.

I'd love to help out any way I can, so ask your questions by leaving a comment or if you know me, come over and browse through my bookshelves.  I love talking curriculum!

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