Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Christian Wedding Planner from Doorposts

The If-Then ChartJust wanted to pass this info along.  Doorposts has published a new Christian wedding planner book called All Things Are Ready.  They are also giving away 2 two copies, so jump on over there if you're interested. We have used Doorpost products for years and i highly recommend them.  Probably my favorite and most used product is their If-Then charts (right picture).  Great tool for teaching and training little ones how you want them to act and respond.

About the new book:

All Things Are Ready is a unique wedding planner, different from others on the shelves in secular bookstores:
  • It’s built on the premise that a wedding is for God’s glory and that it celebrates what God has done in the lives of the bride and groom and their families.
  • It’s not organized around a rigid timeline, but around priorities. What needs to be done first? What needs to be done before you can move on to other tasks?
  • It’s organized so that you can plan and have a wedding three months after the bride says, “I do,” if you want to have a wedding that soon. (It does include a specific calendar that outlines what tasks need to be done by which weeks in order to accomplish this amazing feat.)
  • It focuses on Scripture and what it has to say about weddings.
  • It includes devotionals especially written to the bride, encouraging her to keep a God- and others-centered approach to her season as bride.
  • It is committed to helping families plan a wedding that they can afford.

Amy walks you through the maze of wedding decisions that must be made; offers dozens of helpful checklists, charts, and forms; suggests elegant and creative ways to weave biblical themes into weddings, and outlines many different options for decorations, flowers, reception fare, photography, invitations, venues, and more.


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