Friday, March 2, 2012

Bulk Cheese

If you like to purchase cheese in bulk, as in 40 pound blocks ; ) i wanted to pass on some info.  Old Country Cheese is a company located in Wisconsin which normally sell the 40 lb block for $3.29/pound (shipping included).  We have ordering from them for several years now and really love their cheese!  When i called yesterday to place my order, they told me that for a short time, maybe 2 weeks or so, the price has been dropped to $2.59/pound shipping included!  That is an incredible price! I'll tell you what we do with 40lbs of cheese in a minute....
but first, here are the details:

Great Cheese Everyone KnowsThe online price is still listed for $3.29 so I believe you may need to call in your order to receive the sale price??  Phone # is 1-888-320-9469
The sale price cheeses available are:
    Mild Cheddar-40lb block
    Colby-40lb block
    Colby Jack-40lb block
    Muenster-6/6lb blocks (or any amount you want in 6lb blocks)
They offer many other kinds of cheese and jams too, they just aren't on sale right now.
If you want to see how they make the cheese, click here and scroll down to bottom of the page.

You can call in an order any time, but they only ship out on Monday or Tuesday because the cheese needs to arrive to your door before the weekend (when it would sit in an unregulated temperature warehouse).  Mine usually arrives Friday evenings.  The cheese is not refrigerated so it comes wrapped in thick plastic and placed in a box with extra panels around the cheese for stability.  You can keep the cheese out on your counter for a day or two, as long as it won't get hot, until you get it cut.

Now for what we do with 40lbs of cheese~
What doesn't get eaten right away {fresh soft cheese is so yummy!} or put in the fridge for immediate use,  is put away in the freezer.  I cut about 1/2 of it into cheese sticks, rectangular pieces about 3inches for snacking.  I pack these sticks into quart size freezer bags ready to pull out when we need a new batch.  The other 1/2 is shredded and placed in gallon size freezer bags for cooking, etc.  I use a Cuisinart food processor with a shredder attachment.  It shreds the cheese in no time at all.  I bought the processor at a garage sale for $5 several years ago but needed to also buy a $30 blade to go with it.  So if you don't have one, try yard sales or Good Will.
I used to cut small blocks for cutting off pieces or slices, but found that the sticks work just as well for anything we might need (i occasionally still buy cheese slices for certain things) and it eliminates another step.

So that's it!  I can't wait until our order comes in next Friday! 

If you have any questions don't hesitate to leave a comment and I'll respond.  If you've ordered this cheese before, let us know how you like it or any other ways you use it!

Have a blessed and wonderful weekend with your family!


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