Monday, February 27, 2012

Motherhood~On Being Intentional

Sun Through Winter Tree Branches - Free High Resolution Photo

This afternoon, the weather was extraordinarily beautiful.  The outdoors begged us to come out and enjoy it. The bright (almost spring) sun was warm and nice so I sent my children outside to play.   While I knew i could get many things done inside since my children were content and entertained outside, I recalled a post i read recently about being intentional with our time.  
We as Mama's (or maybe just me??) tend to get busy or sidetracked with all of the numerous things we must get done every day.  But sometimes, more often than not, we should be placing our focus on our children and letting the housework, etc. come second.  Not to say that these things shouldn't ever get done or even occasionally get done, because they do need to get done regularly and organization is the key, but the housework will never end!  Our children, however, will grow up and leave one day : (  I have to constantly remind myself of this and purposely choose my kids over the housework many times, as it does not come naturally to me. 
So today, i remembered that post and decided to go outside and enjoy the pretty afternoon with my children.  A couple of them were busy digging a water well (think Little House on the Prairie) complete with a bucket and my 21month old was busy right along side them with his shovel.  He dragged my by the hand to come over and see the spot where he dug and was so proud of it. His face beamed as I encouraged him with what a big strong boy he was.  Another one was using scrap wood, nails, and a power drill to create a hang glider.  While I applauded his effort and craftsmanship, i had to stop him when he started climbing up a painting ladder to test his wooden glider ; )

As i walked around our property enjoying the sunshine, listening to the birds and thinking, my four year old decided to have a try at the monkey bars.  She's tried before several months ago, and couldn't do it.  But with her recent birthday and the keen idea that she is a "big girl" now, she went for it and made it across all be herself.  She was so excited as were the rest of us who cheered her on and applauded her achievement. 

I am so glad i was intentional with my time today to be there for all of these events, even as simple as it may seem to others, it was huge to them that I was there to cheer them on!

So as we go about our day-to-day lives, let's remember to be intentional about making ourselves stop what we are doing and spend time with our children: play a game, read a book, push a child on the swing, or bake cookies.  I'm quite sure that when i am old and gray, I won't regret the memories of those special times with my children.  I  also know that I don't want to look back with the regret of having missed events because I was too busy doing other things to spend time with them. 

Thank you Lord for the precious gift of children!  May i never take their time with me for granted!

If you have a special way you spend time with your children, please leave a comment.  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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