Thursday, January 19, 2012

Free Diet Tracking Bracelet

Just wanted to pass this deal along.  I ordered one because i am trying to keep better track of my water intake to keep adrenal fatigue in check.  I also figure it wouldn't hurt to track calories or fat grams just to see where i stand.  For 4.95 i figure i can't hurt to try it out.  Here's the email:

I wanted to send the promo code "baby" to you for a free diet bracelet and pocket book (reg. $19.95) at . If you still have a few pounds of baby weight to lose I believe you will find this kit very helpful. The kit includes one diet bracelet that keeps track of your calorie intake in 5-calorie increments as well as a 70 page pocket book with over 2,500 foods and their associated calories. I've used the bracelet myself to lose baby weight with much success! They come in 6 different colors and 2 sizes!

Again the promo code is "baby" and it will bring your price from $19.95 to $0 and all you pay is $4.95 shipping!

Happy New Year!

Jenny Pierce

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