Sunday, January 22, 2012

Encouraging Our Families

I just had to tell you about these wonderful books i recently purchased and am currently reading. 


 How To Encourage Book Bundle - 2 Books - How To Encourage Your Husband and How To Encourage Your Children 

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My husband and I are not  natural encouragers nor do we thrive on encouragement.  Of course, we all love to be encouraged from time to time, i just mean that we don't need it constantly to get through the day.  It's just not how our personalities are geared.  This works out well for my hubbie and I, however, we realized that our children were needing more than we naturally give. 

The Lord was working on our heart's in this area when i ran across an email for these books.  I love how God does that.  Everything is always orchestrated to fall into line just at the right time.  So, with the promotion offered I bought the children's book and thought i'd grab the husband book too.  Wow, what a blessing!  Just in the few pages I have read of each book, i have been convicted and encouraged myself, to encourage my husband and children.  In another post, I'll share what I've learned about respecting our husbands!

These books are ideas and tips that were submitted by readers of Above Rubies and then compiled by Nancy Campbell.  They are great books to stick in the bathroom or by your bed to just pick up and read 1 or 2 at a time.  No pressure, just easy reads that will hopefully bless your family.  Click the title above to go to the Above Rubies website to read more or click on Above Rubies in the side bar.

I also purchased these 2 books:




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These are also both wonderful book investments. 

100 Days is a devo book for mama's although, some days, they are so profound that i read them out loud to my children too! 

Daily Path is an AM/PM devo book to read as a family.  The difference with this devo is that it doesn't have any one's opinion or story imbedded.  The theme for the reading is based around a bible verse then supported by many other bible verses.  It's neat how the verses are compiled and arranged to fit together to make sense. 

May you have a Joy-Filled Day!



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