Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Caroline ~ 11 Weeks

Caroline is 11 weeks old!
This week we celebrated St. Patricks Day and Caroline's birthday together. Thanks to my aunt Bobbie Willis Halpenny we had quite a party with green everything.

Caroline came down with another high fever so we made a trip to her doctor. This time after another elevated white blood cell count of 25,000 we needed to explore what was causing this. After 4 attempts to catheterize her she was really mad and peed and pooped on the nurses. The nurse quickly grabbed the vial and caught some urine, thank goodness! The test revealed a urinary tract infection. Since this was the second time, they did an intermuscular antibiotic shot. Poor baby! She has now had 2 days of shots with one more to go. She has been miserable today even with tylenol. And the thrush is coming back too. Relfux has also returned. I think we've found a med that works~hopefully! We have decided to increase calories instead of milk volume to help her gain weight.
Please pray that we get all of these problems under control so she can just be a baby and we can get some sleep!
Blessings to you all!

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