Thursday, March 14, 2013

Caroline ~ 10 Weeks

Caroline is 10 weeks!
Sorry to be so late this week. It has been eventful to say the least! First of all, Caroline is doing very well right now. After her breathing episode and ER trip, things were not looking good. We later realized that many of the signs Hospice used, like fever, lethargy, not eating as well, to say that her body was shutting down, were actually all because of a bacterial infection. The poor baby was just sick and trying to fight it off, breathing issues aside. Once I realized this, we got her on antibiotics and she is fine now. As several have said, Hospice is more used to looking for signs of death, not life. We learned some very valuable things. To go with our instinct and do what is best for our baby, not just what they say. She also has dealt with constipation again and was very miserable. We are trying many things to get this under control. On a bright note, the reflux disappeared. We were told to change her feeding to smaller amounts every 2 hours instead of larger 3 hour feedings. Her tummy seems to handle this better however, her weight was the same after 2 weeks. Now we will work on upping the amount but stay at 2 hour feeds. Less sleep for mommy but less crying for baby

Thanks to all who came to Caroline's party. We had a great turn out and our family really enjoyed seeing everyone again. We had lots of cake and fellowship while Caroline did very well handling the outing. Thanks so much to all who helped throw the party together in a short time. The memories and cards with notes to Caroline are precious and priceless.
All that said, our little Caroline is a fighter. She took some big hits to her little body last week, but she's still going. We have to keep reminding ourselves that when the despair and heartache seem overwhelming about her future, we still have her in our arms today, right now. There will be time for sadness and mourning later, if that time comes, but today we will choose to have joy in the Lord in the midst of this circumstance. Only He knows and fully understands His purpose and will for this baby's life.
May you all turn to the Lord in whatever situation you find yourself in today. He will give you the grace and mercy to get through it, even though hard, His peace will cover you.
Choose to praise Him in everything!
Blessings to you all!!!
Caroline's celebration of life party! — with Christopher Reid Thorburn IV and 6 others.

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