Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Caroline ~ 8 Weeks

from fb February 26th

Caroline is 8 weeks old!
Sorry the pic is sideways again. I keep forgetting to turn my phone when I take the picture ;-) Also, I took it far away so you could see all the cards on the board behind her. Thanks to all who made our children's Valentines Day so fun and memorable!!! It was truly an amazing show of God's love and had such a profound impact on us!
Caroline is doing well~reflux and tummy aside. We saw her cardiologist last week. He did another echocardiogram to check her 4 defects bc he was surprised there wasn't fluid in her lungs yet. They were all still the same, still shunting too much blood to the wrong side. So his answer to why her lungs hadn't filled with fluid yet was that her hypertension (high blood pressure) was keeping the fluid out~PTL!!! We will take whatever extra time the Lord gives us however He chooses to extend her life! He said we won't mess with anything heart wise yet bc her body is compensating where needed.
Now reflux is another story. The tagament does not seem to be helping enough. They upped her dose a bit but she still cries a lot, although its flipped from nights to days~which is much better. We may need to try another med soon??? I really hate that she has to suffer this way and really hope to get this under control soon.
I love how the Lord has provided for all of needs during this time. From food, to prayer, to home help, to money, to words of encouragement, to milk to give our Caroline life! It has all been such a blessing to be part of something so amazing and supernatural. Thank you all!!!

  • SaraLu Armstrong I was talking to Jess about Caroline last week about how we have to live each day because we never know what tomorrow will bring. He reminded me that with all the medical breakthroughs every day brings new medical proceedures. God seems to be sending you to wise doctors. In addition to our prayers, we will keep our fingers crossed!couldn't hurt!
  • Jenny Guild Davis Happy 8 week birthday Caroline!! You go girl!!
  • Shara Armstrong Phillips Happy 8 weeks! So happy to hear she is still winning the fight. She is absolutely beautiful.
  • Dawna Adams Happy Birthday sweet girl! Love you all!
  • Meg Dunn Thorburn Happy 8 weeks Caroline. We Love you very much..
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    Gabi, Praise The Lord that Caroline had a pretty good week! When Zac was a baby, just the antacid didn't do the job to control his reflux either. During a hospital stay (for what we later found out was him holding his breath when he was refluxing), he was started on a drug called Bethanechol. It speeds up the digestive system so there is less opportunity to reflux. His initial dose was 5x per day, but was cut back to 4x per day once we wanted him to sleep all night. That helped some.

    Good luck! You all are in our prayers!

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