Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Caroline ~ 7 Weeks

from fb February 18th

 Caroline is 7 weeks old!
The pic is a different angle. She was sleeping so peacefully that we didn't want to move her! Cake was made by Kate (5) this week plus some valentines cupcakes.
Last week was rough. Lots of crying during the night. Usually btwn 2-5 hours of crying :-( When she started producing some mucus with a little blood in it, we assumed she had the cold her siblings had and took her back to the doctor. I was relieved to find out that she has reflux and was not sick. I have suspected reflux for weeks but no one else believed me bc she does not spit up, at all. Given her cleft and the feeding tube, the doctor said it just doesn't come out her mouth but she is indeed having milk come back up. He gave her Tagament. Last night was the first in weeks that she didn't cry at all btwn or during feedings! If feel like a new person today with a little more sleep. Of course, this may change quickly but we are hopeful that things will continue to improve for her. It seemed so wrong that this little baby with so many big, life threatening problems, would suffer from something so minor as gas and reflux. So glad to help her feel better!
Please pray for her continued recovery from reflux and gas and for her eye infections to clear up. We have already done 2 rounds of antibiotic eye treatments and the infection keeps coming back. excited that several mamas that I don't even know have started donating breastmilk to supplement my milk. Pumping exclusively is not keeping up with her food needs so we were faced with adding in formula, which we tried but constipated her. Then a friend set out to find some donors and PTL one mama donated her leftover frozen milk and some are even changing their diets to pump for Caroline. We are so blessed and thankful to have the body of Christ supplying all our needs!
Praying for an uneventful week!!!

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