Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween: My 2-cents {repost}

I have posted before on this topic, but this mama sums it up better than i could.  

We are called to be different from this world and to be innocent of all evil.  With something as publicly overt as Halloween in which unashamed wicked and evil images abound everywhere, how can Christians consider participating?  It is not all in fun and good humor.  It is impressioning in our children's mind what is not good and holy and pureYou can't even walk into a store this time of year without disturbing and scary images everywhere.  This is not what i personally want to fill my children's minds with.  The book listed below is great to read to your children if you don't celebrate Halloween.  You can get it through or if you live near me, i would be happy to lend you ours.   

Please know that i am not here to judge anyone who chooses to do different that us, i just want to make sure that the information is given and whatever the Lord's will is to use what i write, so be it. If you are a Christian, please prayerfully consider how you should handle this with your own family.


Posted: 18 Oct 2012 04:05 PM PDT

This, from the archives:
I need some information about Halloween.
I know that y’all don’t celebrate Halloween and we don’t either, but some of the members from my church do, including my pastor.
I have shared a few things in the past, but for some reason they don’t get the point.
I don’t know what else to do, am I wrong or is ok?
They tell me is just fun time for the kids because they get to dress up and they get candy. I have never celebrated Halloween, and I don’t think I want to be part of that.
-Karla, via email
You are absolutely right about Halloween, Karla.  I don’t believe it is  a day Christians should feel comfortable taking part in.
I am in no way trying to point fingers or look down my nose at those who, for their own reasons, see no harm in Halloween; but, honestly, it does concern me that many in our Christian circles cannot see past the “fun and games”.
Halloween is NOT just a fun day for children. It is intrinsically linked to and engulfed by the occult.
For me and my house, we avoid acknowledging it all together. 
If that statement sounds rash, just take a peek down the streets in your local neighborhood, or visit a few of your local stores, or turn on the radio or television set (if you have one): I guarantee you’ll be met with a barrage of sights and sounds that are demonic.
I don’t have a problem with pumpkins or candy or costumes (although some of the costumes are hideous). But what kind of “holiday” gets people excited about witches and spells and spiders and skeletons and all sorts of paraphernalia associated with death and the devil?
The very nature of Halloween invalidates its claims of being an “innocent, fun day for children”.
The true origins of Halloween are highly debated, even among Christian circles; that subject is beyond the scope of this blog.
As Christians, we must separate ourselves from the customs of this world and not be timid about standing for Biblical convictions, even if we are painfully counter-cultural.

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