Sunday, June 3, 2012

MagnaTiles Review

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  Our children have played with MagnaTiles at a friend's house for several years now and have always really enjoyed them. The neat thing about these "tiles" is that they have magnets all around the edges of the tiles that enable them to be connected together at the edges. They build 3 dimensionally.  They enjoyed them so much that I added them to my "purchase when there's extra money" list (ha ha!) hoping to add a set to our building collection one day.

For Christmas this past year, my children's grandparents asked what they could give them as a group gift and i immediately thought of this product.  So, that's what they bought.

When they opened the box on Christmas, they didn't seem very excited.  I was a little disappointed too, thinking that i had them buy something i wanted more than my children.  But after we got back home, they began pulling them out daily, and now they have them out on a regular basis.  This is a great group project to pull out when we have friends over too!

I am amazed at the things my children create with these tiles.  Things that are way more interesting than block towers.  For example, one day, my daughter made something that looked similar to the Louvre Museum's glass roof.  When i told her what it looked like, none of my children knew what i was talking about.  A quick search on the internet brought up some pictures of the museum in Paris and instantly they all agreed that it did look similar, which then led to discussions about the museum, and Paris, and even the Mona Lisa (which is in the museum).

Every time the children play with these, a new creation is made: a tall glass tower, a puppy house, a multiple story building, etc, etc.  These tiles really do open the door to endless creativity and engage many age levels at once.  The 100 piece set has plenty of pieces for several children to play at one time and they store very compactly in their box or a container (i bought a small plastic crate that works perfectly).

The tiles come in 2 color sets-solid or clear (we have the clear set).  Here is the website info:

Clear Colors
Clear colored pieces of the same shapes and pc. count as standard set. These are great for light tables, and also are fully compatible with our 32 pc. standard set. They will work well alone or together with the standard solid colored pieces to make windows, skylights, etc.
32 pc. Set Contains: 14 Small Squares, 2 Large Squares, 4 Isosceles Triangles, 4 Right Triangles and 8 Equilateral Triangles$51.50
32 pc. set
100 pc. Set Contains: 50 Small Squares, 4 Large Squares, 15 Isosceles Triangles, 11 Right Triangles and 20 Equilateral Triangles$120.00
100 pc. Value Pack
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Do you have these?  What do your children like to build with them?

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