Sunday, March 25, 2012

Learning From the Past

We had the opportunity to take an impromptu field trip to Independence, Texas last week.  This is the birthplace of Baylor Women's University and a town that Sam Houston and his family lived, among other things.  I LOVE HISTORY, so when we come across the chance to walk or tour these old American history sites, i use them as a hands on history lesson for my children.  We can learn so much from actually seeing and touching things from the past, that's why i love these places! 
Some of the pictures are just of my kiddos being cute on the amazing scenery, some are of actual historical sites, and others are of beautiful things in nature that God has blessed us with.  Of all of the pictures, though, the ones that struck me the most, are the last two taken in the cemetery (don't think I'm weird-cemetery's hold so much history!!!).  Scroll down and I'll tell you why!

Columns left standing from Baylor Women's University-
Yes that's my boys holding them up! 

These pics do not do justice to the enormous size of these oak trees!

I don't know if you can make out the epitaphs well, so i will type them out below.
I love how the Lord will use everyday things, such as words on a tombstone, to show or teach me something.  These epitaphs struck me like lightening that day and made me see the bigger picture of my life.  It is so easy as busy mama's to forget why we are doing what we do.  It's not about the laundry, dishes, homeschooling, meals, etc.  It's about the life we live for the Lord today and the legacy we leave behind tomorrow!  If only I can leave this kind of legacy for my children and grandchildren.

Read the epitaphs below and think about what you would want your family to write on your tombstone after you're gone.  I pray that the Lord will use my life to bring honor and glory to him, through every thing I do in this life!

Mary Haynes Shannon 1833-1905
A loving Mother, A faithful Christian
The embodiment of those matchless virtues that glorify woman
Truth was her watchword - Christ her anchor
Her children arise and call her blessed.

Harry Haynes 1848-1905

The bright exemplar of all the Christian graces
A life full of usefulness and
worthy of imitation.

I encourage you to take a field trip to a living history museum site or just go visit an early American cemetery.  My children and i love to read the epitaphs in cemeteries.  You can learn so much about those people's lives just by reading their tombstone.  Did you notice in the pictures above that these two people (maybe siblings??) died only 6 days apart.  That leads my children to questions such as why and how and gives us an amazing opportunity to openly talk about the past and even death.
History is all around you, take a moment to breathe it in!
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