Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Fruit Fly Trap That Works!

After years of swatting at annoying fruit flies and trying all kinds of methods to get rid of them, i've finally found something that actually works, YAY!  It is amazingly simply yet works very effectively and best of all, it only costs pennies.
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Fruit Fly Mix:
Get a small glass cup or anything that can hold liquid.  Fill it about half full of apple cider vinegar (the cheap one works just as well as Bragg's Organic) and add 1-2 drops of dish soap.  Stir it up and set it on the counter near the flies.  They will come for the apple cider but get trapped by the dish soap.  The soap breaks the surface tension making it impossible for the flies to stand on the surface of the vinegar.  They sink into the mixture and drown.  That's it-very simple!

Do you have any other easy remedies that you'd like to share?  Leave me your Joyful Thoughts below!

Have a fruit fly free day!


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