Monday, October 24, 2011

Quick Tips

Just a few quick tips that may make your life a tad bit easier-if that's possible.

When peeling an onion, do so under cold running water and your eyes will not burn.  I cut the ends off out of water, then peel the onion under the cold running water.  This has worked consistently every time i have tried it.  No more cries of "my eyes are burning" around our house ; )

Put a bottle of Shout (or whatever spot spray you use) in the bathroom where you bath little ones.  Mine is hidden under the toilet with an extendable spray head that i can pull out to use.  Of course, my toilet is right next to the tub where i sit to bathe them, so find a place that's convienient for you and out of sight but not out of mind. While they are bathing/playing in the tub, spray the clothing they just took off.  Then they are already spot treated and ready to be washed whenever you do that load.

I know i had several other great tips to pass on to ya'll but this these 2 are all my brain can come up with right now.  Through out the day i think up so many great ideas and thoughts that i plan to later post on my blog.  Unfortunately, only about 3% of these thoughts ever actually get posted.  I chalk it up to no time, no time, and jello brain at 11pm when i am finally sitting down at the computer.  Thanks for not giving up on my little blog.  I will prevail~someday!

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