Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Just in case you haven't heard about this site called pinterest.com, i wanted to make sure i've done my part.  If you become addicted though, don't blame me, but just go ahead and expect it.  This site is so cool!  "Pinterest is a virtual pinboard.  Collect the things you love."  People pin their interests (picture) on the board for others to see.  There's a little of everything here from kids crafts to photo shoots to furniture and on and on. 

I like clicking on a subject and just surfing.  When i see something i like, i save the picture in a file so i can find it later.  You can actually make your own board to pin pics to, then others can find your board and see what you found.  The kids and i have made so many fun things so far and have files ready for rainy days or cold, stay indoor days.  We also have found lots of neat ideas for Christmas gifts, etc.

I am not a person who comes up with great ideas off the top of my head, but once i see it, i can do it.  So this site is perfect for me.  Hope you enjoy it too!

Happy PINning!

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