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We Love Cloth!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Diapers, that is!

There are so many reasons to use cloth diapers these days.

Here is my unofficial list of why i like cloth diapers:

*They are so much better for the environment-research says that disposables can take up to 500 years to decompose in a land fill (although this hasn't been time tested :) so i like knowing that i am not leaving hundreds of pounds of diapers buried under the ground for my great-grandchildren to deal with (i feel this way about trash too-i recycle as much as i can). If you don't want to mess with cloth diapering, check out -these are so cool, they are flushable!! Gdiapers has a wealth of information on cloth vs. disposable vs. flushable. Be prepared to be amazed!

*I love all the cute patterns and styles available these days. Cloth diapering is so much easier than 30 years ago. I am currently using one size All-In-Ones which are literally just snapped or velcroed on like a disposable and used from birth through toddler.When it's dirty, i throw it in a dry diaper bag that hangs on a door knob and wash them all every 2 or 3 days. That's it! It really is so easy!  I love to help, so if you have questions, just ask!!!
Update:  After baby # 5, i am using mainly Thirsties Fab Fitted cloth diapers inside and wool covers (longies,shorties,soakers,etc. that are knitted or recycled sweaters).  Post to come on making your own wool and fleece covers!

*I like knowing that my baby is wrapped in super soft cotton instead of plastic. Many of the ingredients used in disposable diapers today are, at the least, not good for our babies growing bodies, some research even shows links to cancer. I really don't like my baby sitting in a urine filled diaper all night that may be leaching chemicals and bleach into her skin. Right now, i am using Seventh Generation diapers at night which are non-chlorine and not bleached, so they are a tan color. My baby is a heavy wetter so i have to change her cloth diapers during the night or i can use a Seventh Generation diaper and not have to change it. I choose to sleep for now!
Update:  Since i am using wool on #5, i have found that i don't have leaking issues, so i double stuff and use them at night with confidence.  I love snuggling up with my baby in super soft wool.

*Cloth diapers really are cheaper! Here is a cost comparison of disposable vs. Mommy's Touch cloth diapers taken from their website:

"Disposable DiapersAverage 7 per day @ $0.35 each = $2.45 per day
$2.45 X 365 days = $894.25 per year!
Over three years that's a total of $2,682.65. That does not even count the cost of disposable wipes or pull-ups!
Mommy's Touch One Size Pocket Diapers
$16.95 Each + Insert $5.00 = Total cost of Diaper $21.95 (buying used or 2nds saves lots!!)12 diapers, washing once per day: $263.40, or
24 diapers, washing two times per week: $526.80 total cost of diapering a baby.
Plus they can be saved for the next child!

That is an impressive savings of between $2,419 and $2,155! You can save even more if you use the diapers on more than one baby.
Hmmm.... Now what could you do with an extra couple of thousand dollars in your pocket? Did you need new living room furniture, or a deck maybe?"

*Personal Note: Cloth diapering can be addicting since there are so many different ways to put them together and styles available. There are hundred and hundreds of kinds, brands, and sizes available now. It's also overwhelming at first if you know nothing. You can get lost quickly in the world of AIO, inserts, covers, hemp, microfiber, wool, etc. Start with a couple of the main brands like Bum Genius, Fuzzi Bunz, or Mommy's Touch and research what you might like best. Then buy only one or two of your favorites to try out. Then after you narrow it down to the one you like best, buy several.

Happy Diapering!

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